Massive Drone Cage built from DuraTruss DT44 construction

Today, drones can no longer be ignored in daily life. To prepare for the future, where people will use the advantage of working with the use of these compact, fast and handy devices more and more, the University of Leuven (Belgium) is providing studies and trainings with drones.

In the past, this was quite cumbersome because the university is too close to Brussels Airport, which is meaning that a permit had to be applied for every time people wanted to fly there with a drone. That is why Belgian company Truss Concept from Dessel has been asked to plan and build a custom “Drone Cage” with the massive dimensions of 29,5x15x10m (LxBxH) for the university. Now, no more permits need to be applied for, which makes training students much easier and less time consuming to prepare. 

The construction is containing the following DuraTruss elements: 


3 x 1724200058 - DT 44/3-200 
2 x 1724200077 - DT 44/3-250 
8 x 1724200060 - DT 44/3-300 
8 x 1724200061 - DT 44/3-350 
7 x 1724200062 - DT 44/3-400 
14 x 1724200064 - DT 44/3-500 
2 x 1724200067 - DT 44/3-C21 
4 x 1724200070 - DT 44/3-C30 
2 x 1724200073 - DT 44/3-T42 
8 x 1720000004 - DT BPS-8080 
12 x Custom - Rope Set 17,3 M 
4 x Custom - Rope Set 20,1 M


The project is fully provided by Truss-Concept in Dessel (Belgium).