School Dances

Kerkrade, NL – If you want to enter the school dance business, trussing is a vital investment. Arnoldo Offermann of Master School Dances, the most recognizable name in school dance education material for DJs and production companies, says this about truss: “Gone are the days of DJs showing up with t-stands. In this day and age of visual impact to a show, the easiest way to sell bigger setups and earn more money is through trussing. The more truss you use, the larger the show. Trussing, unlike lighting, doesn’t need to be upgraded, hardly ever needs to be replaced, and will last longer than any piece of equipment you own. Truss has, without a doubt, the best ROI of any capital you could invest in."

DuraTruss has been a big help to Jeff Dick, president of Zone Entertainment. Jeff is proud of a company that has earned the reputation of high-energy youth dances. While they cater to many events, teen entertainment is their bread and butter. Jeff says this about us, "DuraTRuss offers a wonderful trussing solution that is 1) affordable 2) durable 3) easy to construct 4) allows great versatility and flexibility in creating different structures with one trussing inventory.” Aside from trussing itself, Zone Entertainment uses many crank stands.

Recently, Jeff created a beautiful rigged setup for Edgewood High School’s homecoming & pep rally in Cleveland, Ohio. Setups like Zone Entertainment’s will easily propel you to becoming a market leader and a sought-out company in your respective field. "In creating this design, many precautions were taken to ensure a safe and ascetically pleasing setup from start to finish,” Jeff explains. Loads were calculated both for trussing loads as well as the rigging points. Originally, the structure was supposed to be around 4M shorter in depth than the final project, however, seeing there weren't any rigging points at that area in the ceiling, we decided to extend out the structure and add a set of center points along the two sides.” I took 4 guys only 4 hours and 45 mins from truck to final product. "We could not gain access to the gym until 8AM on the day of the pep rally and we had to be running by 1PM."

The quadrilateral truss structure held 10 moving heads, various LEDs, lekos, constant curvature speakers, and helped bring Edgewood’s “Dark Nights & City Lights” theme to life!

The hard work paid off! “The client was absolutely stunned and blown away. This has been the third year we have performed at this school, and we keep going larger each time. We certainly topped ourselves with this one and the students and advisors are already looking for new / larger ideas for next year. We try to never create the same project twice. We construct a ground-support trussing structure 1-2 times per weekend and rig with truss at least 1-2 times per month as well. Our next large trussing project (other than the event I was working on all night tonight) would be the CLENYE VIP Party which includes a 4.5M tall ground-support structure with a DJ booth & stage on top. This structure will feature (4) LED video screens, (10) moving heads, (2) 8K projectors, an 8x8 stage at 3M of height and more."

Jeff is a true DuraTruss fan: "I even have my kitchen set made out of DuraTruss Table & Chairs. :)"


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