DTM-S300-6x08 Black

Code: 1710000056


DuraTruss DTM-S300-6x08/BL - Molton skirt with velcro fastener

DuraTruss Molton Skirt with velcro fastener is the perfect solution for every stage. Manufactured with DIN EN 13773 B1 Flame retardant. On the sides is a stable fabric edge and at the lower end the fabrics are also provided with an open hemstitch for inserting rods.

The Duratruss Stage Molton is a European quality product. Only the highest quality materials are used in the production and weaving is carried out on the latest high-tech machines. This guarantees a constant quality and longevity of the products.

We offer opaque backdrops with a weight of 300g/m² which also improve acoustics which is very important in large rooms. The backdrops are eyeleted on the upper side every 25cm. The sides are sewn with a stable fabric edge and the lower end is provided with an open hemstitch allowing rods to be inserted to weigh the molton.


For large-scale applications, Duratruss also offers 300g/m2 molton rolls of 30m x 3m. These can be easily adapted to the respective requirements.


All Molton products offered by Duratruss (DTM series) are flame retardant impregnated in accordance with DIN 4102 B1 / EN 13773 / French M1 tested. They are therefore permitted on stages, in theaters and TV studios.



Size: 6m x 0,8m

Weight: 300g/m²

Colour: black