DT 34/3-Flex Tower

Code: 1733000042

Duratruss DT 34/3 Flex Tower
The DT 34/3 Flex Tower from Duratruss is a unique transportable truss tower in which all parts are attached to the system for ease of transport and setup. This ‘no loose parts’ system has a loading capacity of 500kg and a maximum height of 6.5 meters (trussing opitional). Ideal for events of all types when a quick and easy truss tower solution is required, the lightweight (75kg) and easy-to-handle construction is compact for easy storage and transport. Flex Tower is made of sturdy aluminum alloy and includes a durable manual Columbus McKinnon winch which meets the strict BGV-C1 German regulation.
Parts List DT 34-Flex Tower
Pc    Description
1pc   Sleeve Block
4pc   Long Outtrigger with spindle
1pc   Top Section
4pc   Hinge Section
1pc   Hand winch
1pc   Base Section
1pc   DT 34/3-150 (50 x 3 mm tube)
        Transport Wheels
Technical specs:
- Diametrics main pipe: 50mm 
- Wall thickness: 3 mm 
- Material: Aluminium EN-AW 6082 T6 (AlMgSi1)
- Dimensions braces: 25 x 3 mm 
- Included in delivery: as shown above
- Length: 510mm
- Width: 510 mm 
- Height: 1770 mm
- Dimension extended Ø: 2510mm
- Max. height: 6,5 m 
- Weight: 75 kg
- Loading Capacity: 500kg
Please notice that you need additional 5m straight DT34/3 truss elements, which are not included.